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I also provide distance teaching by way of the purchase of audio or video recordings of the lessons, or attending the course by means of Skype.

It is obvious that it is immensely beneficial to be able to speak a local indigenous language in this beautiful country of ours. It is therefore necessary to study the language of the area wherein you are residing or working so that you are able to assert yourself or to defend and maintain your rights and to become friends with people of other ethnic groups. I therefore invite you to come and study Sepedi under me!

In Pretoria, North Gauteng, parts of the North-West Province, Mpumalanga and Limpopo many people speak Sepedi, also known as Northern Sotho (Sesotho sa Leboa). It is a beautiful language, rich in metaphors and idioms. If you are able to speak Sepedi you will also be able to communicate comfortably with other Sotho groups, namely the Basotho and the Batswana. The Basotho live mainly in the Freestate and in Lesotho and they speak Southern Sotho (Sesotho sa Moshoeshoe or Seshoeshoe). The Batswana live in the Northern Cape, parts of the North-West Province and in Botswana. The language that they speak is Setswana. With your Sepedi you will therefore be able to get on well with the people of a vast area of Southern Africa!

It is however not easy for an adult to learn a new language and an indigenous language especially is difficult to get hold of. It therefore does not take three or six months to study Sepedi but rather three years or longer if you want to speak the language properly. After about a year you will be able to engage in basic conversation at the shop, on the street, at the fuel station or where ever you may go. This is however no guarantee and it depends on your own natural ability for languages and especially your own input and hard work. Regular class attendance is a requirement. In addition you have to spend at least 25 minutes or more each day to memorise and revise the vocabulary and sentences that we have done during lectures.

We have a lot of fun in class and everybody enjoys it! It is thus a big challenge and you must be up to the task and motivated even before you start. It is a wonderful privilege to speak an indigenous language and if you work hard you will speak Sepedi one day. Believe me your quality of life will increase dramatically. There is no question about it.

So let us get going!

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Why Sepedi?

  • Improve your quality of life in South Africa;
  • Assert yourself and make a difference;
  • Discover a new world of other ethnic groups that you have not known before;
  • Make new friends!
Mopedi seuntjies, Tšhikanoši - Mopedi boys, Tšhikanoši
Izak Geldenhuys
Students hard at work - Studente hard aan die werk


  1. My name is Izak Geldenhuys, and I present Sepedi classes at my home in Groenkloof, at the address as shown on the right;
  2. Classes are aimed at adults;
  3. Classes are once a week usually from 17h00-18h00 or from 18h00-19h00;
  4. Course fees are R775,00 per month per person, irrespective of any holidays. A registration fee of R1300,00 and an amount of R765,00 (including VAT) is payable respectively for admin and for a comprehensive handbook of 550 pages, to which I refer below. Course fees are payable monthly in advance;
  5. I do not render an invoice for the month of December and we close during school holidays;
  6. Classes are conducted mainly in Afrikaans but the study material is in Afrikaans and Sepedi or English and Sepedi and I also explain in full in English if necessary;
  7. Although I am fluent in Sepedi I am also assisted in class by a Mopedi (a mother tongue Sepedi speaking person). Lectures are presented practically during class and students are drilled to respond to questions in Sepedi and to give answers in Sepedi;
  8. I have written my own handbook which consists of 550 pages of grammar, examples, vocabulary, exercises, short stories about every day situations, idioms and fables as well as a dictionary of more than 5000 words. We work structurally out of the book. Many extra words, phrases and sentences, apart from the text in the handbook are given to the students in class because of the comprehensiveness of Sepedi.
  9. Distance teaching for those far from Pretoria is also a possibility, namely by way of the purchase of audio or video recordings, or attending the course by means of Skype.

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Izak Geldenhuys

98 Wenning Street Groenkloof Pretoria South Africa

Cell: 082 554 4879

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